ClariVein Treatment

ClariVein Treatment

How does ClariVein® work – MOCA (Mechanochemical Endovenous Ablation)

ClariVein® is a revolutionary procedure which treats the cause of varicose veins, more quickly and simply than traditional procedures

Kosova – Venomed Plus is one of the first countries in Eastern Europe which has started this revolutionary method..

Traditional varicose veins treatments usually require multiple injections around the affected area, causing significant pain and bruising. The unique The ClariVein® treatment only requires one single injection site, allowing for a virtually pain free experience with minimal bruising and lasting results.

The ClariVein® catheter is inserted into the vein under ultrasound guidance. The tip of the catheter then rotates, causing the vein to go into spasm. At the same time a chemical is sprayed into the vein which effectively seals it, preventing the varicose vein from returning.

It really is as simple as that.

ClariVein® Benefits

• Multiple injections are no longer needed
• Less bruising than any other procedure
• Results are visible almost immediately
• You can return to your activities the same day
• Contact with Doctor Valbon Gashi

If you’re suffering from varicose veins, spider veins, thread veins or broken veins, take advantage of this advanced varicose vein treatment which will ease your pain and restore your body confidence within only a few weeks..

Thanks to ClariVein®, you can look forward to showing off your legs this summer. Contact with Doctor Valbon Gashi-n for further information
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ClariVein Treatment
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