VNUS ClosureFast

VNUS ClosureFast

VNUS ClosureFast is the latest “state of the art” treatment for varicose veins. It produces rapid results and an excellent cosmetic outcome. The treatment is usually carried out under local anesthetic as a day case or “walk in, walk out” procedure. This means that charges are reduced, time off work is minimal and therefore the treatment is highly cost effective. Your suitability for VNUS ClosureFast is assessed by a comprehensive ultrasound scan.

After numbing the skin with local anesthetic (similar to a dentist’s injection) and cleaning the skin with antiseptic, a fine needle is inserted into the re-fluxing veins under ultrasound guidance and then aa fine catheter is passed up the vein. At all the times, the exact position of the catheter is monitored by ultrasound. The precision radio frequency energy (a little like microwaves_ seals the vein instantly and the catheter is gently withdrawn along the length of the unhealthy vein. The whole process is checked at every stage by ultrasound to ensure excellent results.

After the procedure, a high quality medical gradute stocking is worn for 7 days continuously and thereafter during the day for two more weeks. Walking and normal activities are encuraged. Most people can get to normal activities such as work and driving in a day or two. Simple painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are only rarely required

With VNUS ClosureFast treatment, the veins with faulty valves are sealed under local anaesthetic without surgery. The highly-targeted energy gets your leg looking and feeling better fast.

- Treatment in less than 2 hours
- Local anaesthetic, day case or “walk in, walk out” treatment
- Little or no time of work
- No painful cuts or scars in the groin
- No painful stripping
- Rapid return to normal activities including driving
- Excellent cosmetic results with no ugly scars
- Low risk of recurrence
- May be more suitable than laser in certain circumstances

The treatment is carried out under the “watchful eye” of the ultrasound equipment to ensure successful closure of the faulty veins. As there are no surgical curs, there is virtually no risk of infection, which can occur occasionally after traditional operations. Contact Dr. Valbon Gashi for further information
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VNUS ClosureFast
VNUS ClosureFast is the latest “state of the art”
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